Friday Follows

We’re headed into a weekend full of rain, and the chilly weather has a bite of winter to it. That means most of us are seriously considering spending our weekend curled up with re-runs of The Jersey Shore, where summer never ends. We could give you a list of things to do this weekend, but you know that old adage about giving a man a fish, so here at CoupMe we’re doing something a little different.

Whether you’re looking for motivation to get out of the house despite the rain, or a good reason to bask in the glow of your computer screen for the next 48 hours, here are some blogs and websites that will help you out.

Get Motivated

These New England bloggers have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on. They’d never let a little rain scare them, and neither should you.

  • The Beantown Bloggery:From big Boston events to the latest store/restaurant/frozen yogurt spot opening, The Beantown Bloggery keeps readers informed in the “Guide to Anything and Everything Boston.”
  • Fun and Fearless in Beantown: This Beacon Hill-based blogger talks about her adventures in Boston and beyond, and shares recipes, insider knowledge, and stories about her life. If you don’t feel lazy after reading a couple of entries, check your pulse!
  • North Shore Dish: Yum, yum, yum. If you live north of Boston and are hungry, you have to check this site out. It brings you the best of Boston’s restaurants, and if your appetite doesn’t get you moving, they do lots of giveaways and clue readers into deals!
  • Worcester Diversions: Get the latest on music, dining and more in Worcester with this Worcester Magazine blog.
  • Pop.Bop.Shop: Sales, dining out reviews and cool stuff going on around the city. Need we say more?

Get Under the Covers and Emerge Monday Morning

Sorry, were you looking to waste time? We’ve got that too.

  • The Oatmeal: Waste your day away in short bursts with this hilarious compilation of comics, quizzes and more from one guy who gets what’s funny.
  • PostSecret: The blog version of this popular book, PostSecret puts up anonymous postcards spilling people’s deepest and darkest (and most mundane and funniest) secrets every Sunday.
  • Blind Gossip: What’s better than spending your day reading gossip rags? Reading blind gossip blogs, where the celebrity behaviors are so outrageous, even the tabloids won’t print them. Blind Gossip spills all–without the names. Proof that despite USWeekly’s insistence, celebrities are indeed nothing like us.
  • StumbleUpon: When all else fails, StumbleUpon can waste your time like no other website. Click the button to refresh, refresh, refresh as StumbleUpon brings you random sites from across the Internet. When you look up Sunday night with glazed eyes, wondering where your weekend has gone, don’t blame us!

Enjoy your rainy weekend, and let us know if you know any great time-wasting or action-motivating websites in the comments!


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