For the College (or post-grad) Connoisseur

Ask any student, college grad, or young professional, “Where are you living/planning to live once you move out”? It’s pretty safe to say 90% of the time the response will be: the Allston/Brighton area.

It makes perfect sense for young men and women to chose for the fun, diverse, economically friendly area. Living downtown might be convenient in terms of getting around the city and enjoying the night life, but this convenience certainly does not come cheap. Brighton/Allston works well for the young professional or college student who is trying to live efficiently on a budget, but is still interested in enjoying the glories of Boston. Just a T or bus ride away from Fenway, Boylston, and so much more, Brighton and Allston are able to encompass Boston while still distinguishing itself as a go-to spot for twenty-somethings and families alike.

The area is marked most notably by both Harvard Avenue and Brighton Center as the main areas of interesting eateries, shops, and much more. For night life, I am sure many are aware of the long lines formed on weekend nights outside of White Horse Tavern, an enormous bar with a million TV’s that typically draws in a very fun crowd. Additionally, there is the Sunset Grill & Tap that is a local favorite with 130 beers on tap as well as over 300 bottled varieties. You can get your free beer card at the door and if you sample 20 different beers, you get a t-shirt. There are also bar stools with nametags on them that honor those who have sampled every beer the Sunset has!

One of CoupMe’s favorite budget friendly shops in the area is Angora Cafe. Angora Cafe is most notably known for it’s delicious frozen yogurt as well as it’s wide variety of menu items such as pizza, soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps. For some other budget friendly dining, be sure to check out today’s deal at Camino Real giving you $10 for $25 worth of Colombian Authentic Food!

A local college favorite in the area is Roggie’s, a good sports bar with a wide selection of beers as well as comedy performances every Tuesday night. BC kids will tell you this is the go-to spot for some late night pizza while BU students will vote for T. Anthony’s delicious slices on Comm. Ave.

Urban Renewals is located right on Brighton Avenue. Known as a serious find for the “vintage hunters” out there as it is one of the largest thrift shops in town. It’s also known for it’s random miscellaneous items, making this shop a go-to for any new apartment owner as well as anyone seeking an easy costume.

For those looking for a more upscale meal in the area, Devlin’s Bistro & Bar might be right up your alley. Devlin’s brings a downtown atmosphere, menu, and style to the Brighton/Allston area. The menu consists of creative, yet traditional American fare, offering both a seasonal menu and a regular up-scale menu. They are most famous for their thin-crust pizza as well as their homemade desserts. And you might not have known this, but Devlin’s has quite the nightlife just as it’s neighbors Porter Belly’s, Green Briar, and most importantly, the Last Drop (only bar in Brighton that is legitimately opened until 2 am).

So even if you aren’t lucky enough to live in the hip, diverse area – perhaps today CoupMe has given you a reason to travel down there with one of three (or all three!) of today’s CoupMe deals: $10 for $25 Worth of Food and Drink at Camino Real, $60 for a One Month Trial Membership PLUS a Uniform at Emerald Martial, and last, but not least, $39 for a One-Year Membership with no application fee and a $50 driving credit at iCar!

~Becky, CoupMe


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