Porter Square: What Cambridge Calls Home

Residents of Cambridge and Somerville alike call Porter Square home. The square’s namesake is the now-extinct Porter’s Hotel, where the kitchen’s specialty was a cut of steak aptly named the porterhouse after the building’s proprietor. This bustling area formerly used the Porter rail area to transport cattle through an underground tunnel, the Walden Street Cattle Pass, beginning in 1857, and the structure has been restored and still exists today. We haven’t seen any cows wandering into Anna’s Taqueria though!

As the Red Line was built out through Porter to its current end at Alewife in 1984, Porter also received its most iconic gift: Susumu Shingu’s kinetic sculpture, Gift of the Wind, which stands 46 feet tall at the entrance to the neighborhood’s T stop.

Well-known points of interest in Porter include Lesley University, who shares classroom space with a delightful building housing retail shops such as City Sports, restaurants including Sapporo Ramen and the newly opened branch of Tavern in the Square. Other popular spots include the beer lover’s paradise Cambridge Common alongside the local music aficionado’s stomping ground the Lizard Lounge, and a slew of trendy gift, vintage, and coffee shops. 

Porter’s got that iconic T stop, is super biker friendly, and also boasts ample street parking– so there’s no chance getting there will be difficult no matter your mode of transportation! Pop on over and try out today’s deals in the neighborhood: a keratin treatment at funky M Salon and 3 sessions at Acupuncture Together! If you need to zoom over to another part of the city, snag today’s iCar feature, where you can pick up an energy efficient vehicle at the intersection of Elm and Cherry Streets and head anywhere you need to go with $50 in driving credits!


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