TaskRabbit.com: Your Own Personal Assistant

Lately, as I’ve been trudging in the door as I finally arrive home at 8, 9, or 10 o’clock at night, dropping my bag with coffee mug, laptop, gym clothes, and whatever else I’ve got in tow, I’ve been known to grudgingly state “I need to hire a personal assistant.” Running to and from jobs, squeezing in time to work out, walking the dog, bribing roommates to walk the dog, and finding there’s still last-minute work to be done after all that is done for the day is getting a bit overwhelming, to say the least. I haven’t even thought about holiday shopping!

Sheesh. The benefits of my fictional assistant would be obvious: this handy gal (or guy!) would run out to shop for that new pair of jeans I need, handle all of my grocery shopping, pick up dog food when I’m chained to my desk at work, and maybe even hang my outdoor Christmas lights. Anything my little, crazed, over-worked heart desires!

Well, I’m not sure about you, but I can’t afford to hire a full-time assistant– yet. I’ve also found asking friends in college to do it as an unpaid internship unsuccessful. Buuuut, I have been lucky enough to stumble upon the über-cool Boston-based startup TaskRabbit! Hmm…maybe my problems are solved!

The way TaskRabbit works is they’ve built this community of people from college students to stay-at-home moms to young professionals who work on flexible schedules to serve as “Runners.” They’ve all be screened and background checked, and they choose to have new tasks emailed to them or sent to their mobile phones.
When someone (like myself) is in need of some extra help, s/he hops on the site and inputs the information about what is needed: someone with a van to grab a bookshelf secured on Craigslist, or someone who’s organized to hang some closet racks and sort through piles of your clothes. This opens a dialogue between you, the Sender, and any Runners who have seen your task and want to bid on the job.

It’s really that easy! You can accept or decline any Runner’s offer, and then work out the details with him/her directly on when and how your task will be completed. The site handles paying the Runner; you use a credit card or paypal to put credits into your account, and TaskRabbit pays your Runner after s/he has completed the task.

Sound like a no brainer? That’s because it is. The service is just like having your very own personal assistant– but here, you’ve got the luxury of finding someone with the specific skill set you need for the job at hand. Hey, it’s even not to late to try and hire someone to cook that Thanksgiving turkey for you!

Today’s CoupMe deal is offering this useful service with even more incentive: $19 gets you $40 worth of credits to use on any tasks you please! With a maximum purchase of 10 vouchers, that’s a whole lot of work you just got yourself out of!


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