Southie’s Irish Pub Scene

If you are familiar with the movie The Boondock Saints, you’ll notice most of the movie was set in today’s feature neighborhood: South Boston. But South Boston, formerly known as “Dorchester Neck”, has come a long way from those days and is now referred to as simply “Southie.” One thing remains true though: Southie hands down has the best Irish pub scene in the Boston area, and CoupMe is here to guide you to all the right spots.

The Farragut House: Known as “South Boston’s Favorite Irish Pub,” you can’t go wrong with this place. Take a trip to Ireland without hopping on a plane, and spend the night dancing, making a fool out of yourself on the karaoke stage, downing nachos and then soaking everything down with some good beer. One Yelper described this Southie gem a “diamond in the rough.”

Croke Park/Whitey’s: This Irish dive bar is known for it’s very affordable drinks, friendly bartenders, and fun crowd. Oh, and did we mention they serve popcorn on the house? That’s all I need to hear to want to drop what I’m doing and head on over to Whitey’s to wind down. Play some pool, put some money in the juke box, order a few beers and see where the night takes you.

Shenannigan’s: Just the name alone makes this place fun! You’ll find this pub in the heart of Southie, through the doors of a classic Bostonian brick townhouse. Here you can get the experience of a true Irish pub, with a classy and inviting feel. Dive into some Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas or a juicy burger and then hit up their large (and snazzy) drink selection. Irish Grasshopper, anyone? That is, Baily’s Irish cream, Green Creme de Menthe and milk.

Murphy’s Law: If you are just looking to let loose and have a good time with your friends, Murphy’s Law is the place for you. Not to mention the bar was featured in a scene in the 2007 crime-drama mystery Gone Baby Gone. Yes, Morgan Freeman and Casey Affleck have set foot in this bar. You know you want to grab a drink here now, don’t lie!

So as you can see, Southie is the place to go for a good time, a good drink and a good story. Check out today’s CoupMe deals to see what else is going on in this buzzing neighborhood.


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