All Things New England: A Taste of Maine


I don’t know if it’s just us, but it’s feeling extra-New England lately…there’s just something in the air. With holiday tunes blasting on the radio, skiers getting excited for this year’s season and sightings of snow (yes, there has been some in CT), we all remember why it is we love New England so darn much. That’s why we’re bringing All Things New England back for their Friday feature. What’s on the plate today? Tony’s Donut Shop in Maine (yum!)I’ll let the experts take it over from here…

I really love doing what I do. Being writer and publisher for your own magazine does come with its perks. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a bunch of well-knowns  and experience some extraordinary things I otherwise might have not. However, the stories that move me most are the ones that pertain to regular, everyday people and the day to day life that takes place in their communities. Stories like that of Valerie Brown from Westfield, Indiana and Rick Fornier from Portland, Maine. Last week I received an email from Valerie that sparked my interest. Here’s how it read…

“I hope someone can help me.  I grew up and was educated in New England.  Now I live in Indiana.  I sincerely miss Maine potatoes and molasses doughnuts.  My ancestors, grandparents, aunts and uncles farmed potatoes in Presque Isle for generations.  Both of my grandmothers would make molasses doughnuts just for me when we visited northern Maine every summer.  My parents died within the last 2 years and I want my young grandchildren to experience food that absolutely nurtures the soul as well as feeds the body.  If I have to buy a classified ad for this just let me know.  Thank you so much.  Jaydon and Lexi will thank you, too.”

I found it funny that Valerie wanted to take out a classified ad because, obviously, she wasn’t familiar with All Things New England …that’s just not our style. I was thinking more along the lines of: “Let’s make a woman happy, give her a taste of home and ship some donuts and potatoes off to Indiana.”

The Maine potatoes would be easy, so I immediately started searching the internet for molasses donuts. I found that there were few places that even made this type of donut let alone sold them online. I also learned a couple of interesting things about donuts too. Turns out molasses donuts are a specialty food from Maine. Donuts from the Northeast are all about flavor and spices while donuts from the South and West Coast are more about sweetness and sugar. The molasses donut is a spin off of the traditional, plain, spice donut from New England.

Read the rest of this post over at All Things New England here


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