The EZ Ceramic Curling Iron: This Season’s Fashion Must-Have


With the holiday season officially here, I feel as though I don’t have time for anything lately. Christmas shopping, endless meetings and nonstop deadlines have definitely thrown me for a loop. Heck, I even forgot to each lunch the other day! And with all the extra holiday stress, many of us are forgetting to keep up with our beauty routine, especially when it comes to our hair. I mean, it’s so much easier just to throw it up in a wet messy bun and go, right? Wrong. Joanna Elkayam, Marketing Director for Avanti South Hair Salon is here to get us back on track and talk about this season’s latest hair-miracle necessity. I’ll let the expert take it from here…

CoupMe: So let’s just get to it. Tell us about this hot new curling iron…

J.E.: Yes, it’s the EZ Ceramic Curling Iron by Hair by Avi. The reason we came up with the product is because flat irons are great and awesome and all, but lately we’ve seen models in salons and fashion shows sporting big loose curls, like Taylor Swift’s!

CoupMe: Yes, her curls are gorgeous! What makes this curling iron unique?

J.E. We wanted to redo the standard curling iron. Typically, you start at end and twist up, but that can be really hard on  the ends of our hair, since the weakest part is getting fried the longest. With the EZ Ceramic Curling Iron, it’s the opposite—you start from the top, the healthiest part of our hair (closest to the scalp) that can take the heat. Plus the ceramic heat is so low damage, so you can style your hair without frying the ends. It’s especially good for hair that’s been colored or processed.

CoupMe: Sounds much more efficient than the typical curling iron. Why do you particularly like this model?

J.E. It’s so much easier on your fingers and wrists too since the twisting is controlled by the thumb using ‘Soft Touch’ button technology ; I have tons of hair and when I have to work hard at it the whole thing takes forever! We’re also very conscious about the design. We wanted it to be simple and elegant like the iPod of hair—beautiful, clean, white and not bulky.

What message would you like to send out for people who don’t know much about styling their hair?

J.E.: This curling iron will make a beautiful holiday style: beautiful, easy and quick. You’re also allowed to get a little messier with curls. With straightening you have to get every little piece straight, but with curls you don’t have to do things perfectly. It also works for all hair types!

CoupMe: Why would the EZ Ceramic Curling Iron make a good gift for the holidays?

J.E.: I think it’s a great, interesting styling product and you’re not going to find anything like it at a Target or a CVS. It’s unique yet still affordable, making it a cool gift for young girls and woman alike.

CoupMe: You’ve sold us! Where can our readers buy the curling iron now?

J.E: We’re selling it at a number of salons on Newbury Street, including both of the Avanti locations (Newbury Street location and Avanti South in South Boston). You can also purchase it online here.

CoupMe: Thanks Joanna! Be sure to check out the additional features & video below to learn more about the EZ Ceramic Curling Iron by Hair By Avi, and buy yours today on CoupMe for the special, low price of only $69.99!

Take a Look at These Nifty Features…

*       The most advanced heating element, flash-quick heat up time.

*       Extremely easy operation.

*       Blue and white digital LCD temperature display.

*       Background light showing the operating status on a clear and active screen.

*       360º swivel cord never tangles.

*       Digital timer function with automatic safety shut-off after 60 minutes.

*       Temperature reading in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.


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