Watertown’s Guide to the Most Perfect Cafes

There’s just something about a good cafe that I love: the aura, the vibe, the food, the people, etc, etc. Cafes are the perfect blend of classy and comfy, making them the perfect destination for any day. With today’s CoupMe feature neighborhood being Watertown, we thought it was only natural to let you in on all the best cafes in the area. Cheers!

Halfway Cafe: This American cafe is a neighborhood favorite. People come back time and time and again for the incredible atmosphere and irresistible food. Dig into their quesadillas, wings, pasta entrees and pizza as you catch up with friends over lunch. The Halfway Cafe is also famous for its $7 for 7 Specials Menu that changes every month. December specials include Spinach and Cheese Raviolis, Butternut Squash Salad and Grilled Shrimp.

Crown Cafe: There’s nothing better than a solid Mediterranean cafe when hunger pangs hit around lunch time. Chicken kebob rollup, anyone? Oh, and they also serve breakfast, and let’s be honest, what’s better than breakfast any time of day? One yelper claimed that their pancakes were the best tasting in all of Watertown. Now that’s some serious flapjacks!

Lily’s Cafe & French Bakery: Um, with the word cafe and bakery in the same sentence, we’re already sold. Located on Arlington Street, Lily’s has all your favorite baked goods from croissants and muffins to scones and breakfast sandwiches. Whether you’re looking enjoy a make-your-own turkey sandwich on a freshly made baguette with a cup of soup, or need to pick up a 3-layer Carrot Cake for your next shindig, Lily’s in the place to go.

Strip T’s: While the name is a little, er, odd, Strip T’s is no joke. In fact, this cafe has been written about in the Boston Globe and Watertown Tab, as well as voted Phantom Gourmet’s “Gem of the Month.” Stop by for lunch any day of the week to enjoy a one of their delicious sandwiches like the Virginia Ham & Swiss paired with potato salad. You may also be interested in stopping by their brother cafe, the Buzz Cafe when you need a little extra…buzz. This friendly coffee house serves up favorites like Mocha Lattes, Blueberry Crumb-cakes and homemade cookies. There’s nothing like a caffeinated sugar buzz!

~Rachel, CoupMe


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