The Holiday Gift Debacle: Don’t Stress!

Every year, we venture out to all the big department stores and malls looking for that perfect gift for all our special someones. Turns out, it’s much harder than we at first thought. What the heck do we get Crazy Aunt Susie, not to mention your boyfriend’s parents?And then there’s your father who seems to have every single thing he could ever need. Your once optimistic, creative self suddenly goes into panic mode. Christmas is just around the corner and quite frankly, you’ve got a whole lotto’ gift-buying to do. First, take a deep breath. CoupMe’s here to help get that creative juice flowing again so you won’t be showing up empty handed to next week’s holiday party.

Make Your Own Gifts: Gifts are always nicer when they’re made from the heart. Bake a batch of that fudge your best friend raves about each year, and wrap it up in a pretty little box for her to enjoy. Good with knitting? Why not put your talent to use and make all your relatives a special scarf or mittens to sport this winter. Anything with pictures is also a go, like designing your own personalized calendar, scrap-book or collage. 

Buy the Pre-Packaged Stuff: Sites like The Dazzling Dot make gift-buying as easy as pie. From packaged chocolates and gourmet food to spa packages and baby baskets, the site makes holiday shopping easy and fun again. All you have to do is browse, click ‘n’ buy. These gifts are perfect for coworkers, in-laws and friends alike! And with today’s CoupMe feature, you’ll get $30 worth of merchandise from the Dazzling Dot for only $15. 

Gift Cards Never Go Out of Style: Yes, your sister may return the dress you bought her because it didn’t fit, wasn’t the right style or was just simply ugly. That’s why gift cards come in handy, especially for your most picky giftees. You can buy gift cards to restaurants, movie theaters, clothing stores and even entire malls. On that note, tickets are also a fabulous gift. (Think: basketball games, concerts, shows and fun events in your city). 

Unique Classes: Classes are always fun to give a loved one. Has your girlfriend always wanted to paint but never had the guts to sign up for a class? Does your friend have a passion for cooking, but can’t even make spaghetti correctly? Purchase classes for them! From cooking and sailing to art and dance, class options are endless these days. Check out Boston Center for Adult Education to get your brain thinking…

When All Else Fails…Make a Joke: If you’ve already exhausted all your brain power and still can’t think of something to get your dad/your boyfriend/your brother, give a gag gift. You’ll at least get ’em to laugh! This site should help you think of something.


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