A Few Notes on Focus…

I’ve found the practice of yoga to be incredibly useful as a tool to help me relieve chronic pain, de-stress, and also to focus my mind in the present moment. I’ve made the cognitive decision that I owe it to myself to single out that 60- to 90-minute block of time in my day to zone in on personal well-being, but Newton’s Samadhi Yoga studio taught me a little something extra about focus.

I opted to take a Power Yin Yoga class at their pristine Newton Centre location last July, since the timing fit perfectly into my day and I was jonesing to switch up my Vinyasa yoga routine. I’d read the blurb on their site, explaining how “Power Yin Yoga combines these two elements [of intensity and a slow pace] to find physical intensity in the depth and length of time holding postures, but all steeped in a restorative, and meditative experience,” so I expected a slow moving yet invigorating practice. What I’d taken for granted is that while certain poses may be accessible to me as I flow through them (the name of the game for vinyasa), that didn’t mean I had the strength, flexibility, or focus to maintain those asanas for longer periods of time.

So, what’s going to happen in a power yin class is you’ll be asked to maintain your downward facing dog or high lunge for 8-10 breaths– that’s minutes at a time! If you’re anything like me, your muscles will buckle, the sweat will start to drip down your face…and you may achieve a whole new sense of focus. What is at first hard becomes easy, and what used to seem impossible (in my case, reaching my heels to the ground in a down dog) becomes accessible. It’s just you, your breath, and the pose. I won’t lie– I was sore in muscles I didn’t know I had the next day! But, I also took away an appreciation for this style of yoga, which helped me focus in a completely new and different way.

If power yin doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t worry! Samadhi also offers Anusara (a gentler style), Vinyasa (flow), and Yoga Basics– all classes you can try out with today’s CoupMe deal!

While you’re in the neighborhood, give chiropractic services a shot at Newton Wellness, or reward yourself for your new-found enlightenment with a pit stop at Bill’s Pizzeria!




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