Go Crazy, CoupMe Folks! Watch the Big Games in Charlestown!

Wow, what a week in the Boston sports scene, eh? First, the Red Sox land a big time slugger from San Diego, which seemed to fire all the fans up in the area. Then, on Monday it seemed like the city was ready to explode because of the Monday Night Football game between the Patriots and Jets – arguably the most important regular season game in years, or ever. Then, the Celtics win their eighth straight game on Wednesday, quickly followed by more breaking Red Sox news that they’ve now signed the best free agent hitter on the market. Most Sox fans then woke up yesterday morning to find out this news over their bowl of cereal and probably almost choked. All of this activity and I haven’t even mentioned the Bruins! So clearly, the sports scene in Boston is as alive as ever.

With today’s neighborhood deal showcasing the historic and scenic town of Charlestown, I figured I share some of the best spots in the area to watch these great sporting events. The Celtics play in Philadelphia tonight (8 pm on CSN) and Sunday at 1 pm and the Patriots are in Chicago on Sunday at 4:15 pm on CBS. So, where to watch? One of my favorites is Sullivan’s Pub on Main Street, where the lights might be dim, but the drink selection is excellent and the TVs are aplenty. With good food on top, this would be my first choice. Moving down the road, on Pleasant Street is the historic Warren Tavern, which has been around for nearly 225 years, serving ales and other drinks to its enthusiastic patrons. Believe it or not, George Washington himself visited this spot, as did Paul Revere. In fact, George Washington’s funeral speech was delivered right now. So, needless to say, this is quite the historic spot to throw back a couple, dine and watch the games. However, if you really need just one place to watch a big game – like the one this past week’s Patriot game – you have to be at The Tavern at the End of the World. This Tavern is part of the franchise spreading throughout Boston, with locations already in Porter and Central Square as well as in Allston. With a tremendous amount of TVs, cheap beers and great appetizers, there’s really no better place to be. The Taverns almost always accrue the best crowds for big games, so be prepared to be part of the “team” as you dine, drink and watch!

So rejoice Beantown sports fans – your teams are all in perfect form to make a run at their respective championships. The glory days of 2007 are back, so enjoy it, and make sure to do so at one of these great bars in historic Charlestown! Be sure to checkout CoupMe for our deals in the neighborhood too – more than 50% off at Ace Hardware, For All Seasons Bodywork and The Constitution Inn!

~ Seth, CoupMe


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