Fenway: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today’s CoupMe neighborhood feature is Fenway, and our staff couldn’t be more excited! From Sox games to mean burgers to late-night pubbing, Fenway brings lots of joy, laughter and memories to Bostonians. After all, this neighborhood in particular holds a special place in many of our Beantown hearts. That’s why we asked the staff over at CoupMe to share some of their fondest memories at Fenway. Oh, and today is extra special because we’re offering you three fabulous deals including 50% off at the historic Baseball Tavern. Enjoy! 

Staff member Rachel’s Fenway memories don’t go very far back, as she just moved to the Boston area a little over a year ago. In fact, she’s only stepped foot on Fenway park one time in her entire life…can you believe it? She took her dad to Fenway for a Sox game this past summer for his birthday, and although it poured the entire time, they both had a great time singing Sweet Caroline and watching the game. Not to mention the amazing burgers from Burton’s Grill that the two of them devoured before the game.

Seth’s a bit more of a baseball connoisseur, and one particular memory from his sophomore year in college comes to mind. He lived in Kenmore Square at the time (in 2004), which if you recall was the year of the Red Sox World Series big win. “I just remember running down through my building (Myles Standish Hall) and into the streets with the mass of people delirious from the win. We stayed out there for hours just high-fiving and cheering,” Seth said. 

Then there’s Allison who was on the other side of things. She used to have a business called SoxTease, selling fitted Red Sox apparel for women. “We had a license to stand outside the park hawking shirts, and it was a ton of fun meeting fans (like a couple who told us their dog’s name was Trot Nixon) and  harassing Yankee fans,” she said. “I’ve been a Sox fan for years and it was awesome to connect with the team in a totally new way…and to see the shirts on TV and around the city!” 

What’s your favorite Fenway memory? Please share…we’d love to hear from you! 

~Rachel, CoupMe



One Response to “Fenway: A Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. Coach Kevin Says:

    My fondest Fenway memory was working security in the bleachers on Opening Day 1998. First baseman Mo Vaughn hit a walk off home run to beat the Blue Jays and as Vaughn lumbered around 1st the Red Sox played “Dirty Water” for the first time. The stadium erupted for 5 minutes and NESN interviewed him at home plate, just like a movie. Since that day “Dirty Water” has been the victory song at Fenway.
    – Coach Kevin
    SupahFans Streetwear
    470 Comm Ave

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