The Formulaah: Holiday Gift Ideas

There’s now a week left before Christmas (or less, depending on when you read this!). Have you finished your holiday shopping? It really is tough to find the perfect gift for everyone on that list. Well, time is running thin and you could use some advice, right? Good, because that’s exactly what we’re bringing you today. Courtesy of All Things New England, we’re bringing you some excellent ideas to round out that holiday shopping / gift list. Without further ado, read more about The Formulaah below!

What is the Formulaah for success? Well for two sisters from Portland, Maine it’s a combination of commitment, excellence, and perseverance. The Formulaah was founded in 2000 by Theresa Cady Libby, a career stylist and proprietor of Cady & Co, Hair and Bodyworx. Theresa is driven by her passions. She has a strong desire to educate and make a difference in the lives she touches each and every day. She is a perfectionist who believes in doing things right and will settle for nothing less.Theresa grew tired of being unable to provide her clients with exfoliating and hydrating products that actually worked. So she fixed the problem and created her own.

She started out with a chai salt scrub, a lotion, and some cuticle oil. “I am very critical about my work”, she says… “my greatest rewards come in creating happiness for others. Maybe it’s helping one feel great about a new cut or color. Maybe it’s helping one solve a chronic cracked hand issue with the Formulaah. If I can make a physical difference, their smiles are my reward.” Theresa continued to sell her products exclusively out of the salon until A Perfect 10 picked up the line in 2003. Then, in 2007, her sister, Mary Sue Cady Mainella came aboard as marketing director to help brand the line. The Formulaah has since grown to 29 locations in small gift shops, boutiques and hair and nail salons throughout ME, NH, MA, NY, and AZ.

Read more of this post over at All Things New England here…


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