‘Tis the Season…to Catch Up on Movies

So after you’ve gotten together with the family and had your epic-ly satisfying meal together on either Christmas Eve or Christmas itself (or both!), the question then remains: what to do now? Well, with award season upcoming, why not check out a movie?

Many will flock to the theatres over the next couple days and see some of the no-brain comedies that just came out (hello, Little Fockers); however, there’s been a great run of movie releases lately, most of which I’ve seen and thought highly of. Most recently, I saw The Fighter, which, believe it or not, makes for a great movie past just adult males. With terrific performances throughout, and tons of Boston accents, your $10 admission will be rewarded. Before that, I caught a sneak peek of True Grit, the latest release from the Coen Brothers, which is a remake of the 1969 John Wayne classic. While I’m not a huge fan of Westerns (save for The Searchers and High Noon), this film blew me away. While it’s tough to fill Wayne’s shoes (the role won him his only Oscar for Best Actor), Jeff Bridges shines and steals the film as the main character, Rooster Cogburn. Highly recommend this one – great performances from the rest of the cast as well, including Matt Damon and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld.

Other great films to check out include Black Swan and 127 Hours, which both have received considerable acclaim and will be major players in the Academy Awards come February. As will The King’s Speech, which features one of the more intriguing plots (the training of King George VI of Britain to be a orator) and performances (Colin Firth as George and Geoffrey Rush as his teacher). If getting to the theatre poses too tough a challenge, I highly recommend you rent Winter’s Bone or The Town to watch, if you haven’t seen either already. Like the aforementioned films, these two will also receive a lot of love come award time. Winter’s Bone does for the Ozarks what Fargo did for North Dakota and The Town, as many around here know, depicts the lovely town of Charlestown as gang heaven – but does so in a slightly artful way. Also availble On Demand is The Kids Are All Right, a great dramedy depicts a modern, liberal, dysfunctional family that attempts to deal with change. I loved every minute of the film and again, the performances (Annette Benning and Julianne Moore as the lesbian matriarchs) were outstanding.

If none of these movies float your boat, the Celtics, having won 14 straight games, take on the Orlando Magic on Saturday, which could be an early preview of a playoff series come May and June.

So hopefully these suggestions will help you plan out an enjoyable couple nights away from most of civilization. So Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays to all!

~ Seth, CoupMe


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