NYE: Your Excuse To Dress Up

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner folks. Yup, believe it or not it’s just THREE days away. As the minutes creep up to the big day, I’m sure many questions are going through your head. What am I going to do? How should I style my hair? What do I possibly wear? Then you look in your closet only to see last year’s dress and some rundown trousers. Suddenly, you’re in panic mode. Nothing to wear…on New Year’s Eve? That’s just not going to fly. After all, NYE is the one night you have an excuse to go all out…to get away with too many sparkles or too big hair. Don’t worry, you aren’t stuck wearing last year’s dress; CoupMe’s got you covered so you can ring in 2011 in style.

For the Dude (or the Nice Girlfriend): You are in luck this year! You aren’t doomed to wear those nasty ripped jeans or suit you’ve had for ten years. This year, you can fake the glam by renting a tux from Delux Tux. And with today’s fabulous CoupMe deal, you can get half off your next rental (just $59 instead of $125)! Pretty sweet, huh? Even better, you’ll have 150 styles to choose from, and rentals are good for a whole five days in case you need to sport your tux at a few different parties. Not to mention Delux Tux is the sole provider for the New England Patriots for the past 8 years. Sold? Click here to buy now. They have locations in both Walpole and East Central Street in Franklin. 

For the Ladies: Unfortunately, we don’t have a fabulous dress deal for you, but we do have some tips so you’ll turn heads and look like a ’10’ come New Year’s Eve. Rule Number 1: You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress, both sophisticated and sexy. Browse through some of these beautiful dresses from Express to get you thinking…most are on sale for 50% off now! If you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money, ask your roommates if you can borrow one of theirs. What’s old to them is 100% new to you, and no one will even know you borrowed it! As for shoes, go as daring (think super high stilettos) or conservative (pretty flats) as you’d like. The most important thing is comfort. No one wants to be walking down the streets of Boston at 2 a.m. in pain, unless you have a date nice enough to carry you! Snazz up your outfit with pretty jewelry and fun accessories like ribbon or a headband in your hair.

What are you planning to wear this New Year’s Eve? Are you laying low or going out to a snazzy party? 


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