Ball Where? Ball Square!

For many outside of Somerville, knowledge of the city stops with the ever-popular Davis Square, home to bars like The Burren and The Joshua Tree and trendy restaurants like Foundry on Elm. For those that are a little more hipster and adventurous, you’ve probably found yourself over in Union Square at The Independent or sipping coffee at Bloc 11 Cafe. But as a six-year veteran of the Somerville scene, I would say you’d be missing something if you didn’t make the 15 minute walk from the Davis Square T stop to check out Ball Square.

Ball Square is sort of a local secret, and unlike other areas packed with restaurants, it hits its peak in the morning. The area is the scene of the infamous “Breakfast Wars” between the owner of Ball Square Cafe and the owner of Sound Bites. (Here at CoupMe, we don’t condone getting violent over food, but we will say that this sort of rivalry is worth the trip–as are the gigantic portions and to-die-for hash browns in both restaurants.)

But it’s not just about the warring breakfast entrepreneurs in Ball Square. If you want to avoid the lines or the flying fists, you can check out Kelly’s Diner, a no-frills breakfast spot that even serves up stereotypical diner waitresses, or True Grounds Cafe, where they serve up breakfast burritos and scones the size of your head.

Not up in time for breakfast? No worries; our culinary tour continues with lunch and dinner! It’s amazing how much food Ball Square can pack into just three or four blocks, but each spot is better than the next.

If you’re looking for a great deal to motivate you over to the square, check out today’s CoupMe for Yak & Yeti, an Indian and Nepalese restaurant that recently opened. Serving up spicy and familiar Indian dishes, Yak & Yeti also lets you expand your palate a bit with Nepalese food in a sleek environment with a friendly waitstaff. It’s delicious and reasonably priced–even more so since your CoupMe will get you $25 worth of food for just $10!

Explore other parts of the world (some more refined than others) with 30 different flavors of wings at Eat at Jumbo’s (they have vegetarian wings too!) or the Italian at Pescatore that beats out the North End in price and flavor any day. For authentic Italian subs made by a husband and wife team, eat at the esteemed Victor’s Deli. And if you’re still hungry, hit up the famous Lyndell’s Bakery for Italian pastries and their little-known home run: fresh donuts.

So wander over to Ball Square and get a taste of some of the best food in the Greater Boston area, all packed into a couple of square blocks. Don’t forget to grab your CoupMe for Yak & Yeti to give Somerville’s newest Indian restaurant a try!


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