Recipe Friday: It’s Chili Season!

Well, it’s officially winter in the Bean. The weather is frigid, you can see your breath when you walk down the street and it’s difficult to survive your commute to work with at least three layers. But all that being said, there’s on thing I absolutely love about the cold weather: chili season. Seriously, there is nothing like a big hot bowl of chili with a side of corn bread to soothe your soul after a chilly day. That’s why CoupMe’s here to share a few top-notch chili recipes for every type of palate. Enjoy!

For the meat-lover: Chili Lovers Spicy Three Meat Chili (

For the vegetarian: Spicy Vegetarian Chili (

For the Health Conscious: Healthy Turkey Chili (Tasty Kitchen)

For those Who Like it Hot: Spicy Chili Recipe (Taste of Home)

What’s your favorite chili recipe? How do you like your chili prepared?

~Rachel, CoupMe




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