Beating Those Monday Blues: Sites to Browse

Blah. It’s Monday yet again. Where oh where did the weekend go? You’re now stuck at work with bags under your eyes on your fifth cup of coffee, still feeling just as miserable as when you walked into the office. Don’t worry; everything is going to be OK. CoupMe’s got a solution for you, and no it doesn’t involve pounding your head on the desk. Next time those Monday blues creep up on you, take a look at these websites to cheer you up! Oh, and we won’t tell your boss you took a mini break from filing papers either.

CoupMe & GoodTwo: We know you’re already a fan of CoupMe, but have you checked out our newest addition, GoodTwo? If you love CoupMe, then we know you’ll absolutely love GoodTwo, our fundraising brand. Here, we post amazing deals our fundraisers are running, and for every deal purchased (by people like you), the cause gets a donation. Hows that for doing good?

Foodzie: This is such a cool site to browse yummy eats near you! Discover and buy food from small producers and growers in your area. From zesty hummus spreads to out-of-this-world cheese, you’ll be sure to find something for your palate!

Damn You, Auto Correct! You know when you’re sending a text to your boss, boyfriend or mother and it comes out 100% WRONG? Words get switched around and it changes the entire structure of the text, often leading to shock, confusion and mostly uncontrollable laughter. We’ve all been there, and you’ll definitely appreciate this site if you like a good laugh.

Etsy: Hands down my favorite site to browse for trinkets and treasures. You’ll find anything and everything cute ‘n’ pretty on Etsy, and for a good price too!

PostSecret: We all have secrets, but sometimes it’s fun to look at other people’s deepest secrets. You know it’s addictive…

OMG Facts: Want to wow your friends at your next outing, or simply know little weird facts about anything and everything? Then this is your place!

What are your favorite sites to browse when you’re bored?


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