More Sushi, Please!

It’s safe to say you’ll never go hungry in Boston…well unless you run out of money, but that’s another story. From burger joints to fine dining, it seems the restaurant scene takes over the city. Coming from a girl who loves to eat, it’s always fun to try a new cuisine. But there’s one type of food I’ll never grow sick of, and that my friend is sushi. That’s why I jumped for joy when I saw today’s CoupMe feature at Hanu Sushi in Cambridge.  Hey, sushi can get expensive so when there’s a deal, you bet I’m buying it. Check out today’s exceptional sushi offer and read on for some dining tips for next time you hit up Boston’s sushi scene. Enjoy!

Spice it Up With Wasabi: There’s nothing like spicing up your sushi with a little old-fashioned wasabi. Just don’t make the mistake I did my first time I had sushi and mistake it for avacado – I plopped the whole thing in my mouth and nearly caught on fire. Ouch. Do my favorite nifty trick and mix the wasabi into your soy sauce for some yummy dipping.

Share With The Table: If you’re like me, it’s difficult to settle for just one roll. There are just so many, and it can become overwhelming. Instead, order a variety of fun rolls to share with the table! If you head to Haru, go for their Yellowtail Jalepeno Roll, Rock Shrimp Avocado Roll, or Spciy Seafood Tempura Roll. The options are endless.

Sake, Sake! If you’re with a fun group, spice it up with some sake for the table! This rice- based alcoholic beverage has an interesting bite to it, making it the perfect sushi pairing.

Pace Yourself: Just because sushi pieces are small doesn’t mean they aren’t filling. Take your time and enjoy your sushi, and limit yourself to one or two rolls plus a few tasty appetizers. Then you’ll even have room for a drink or dessert!

Do you enjoy sushi? What is your absolute favorite roll?


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