My Weekend With CoupMe (and beyond)

In recovery mode from some serious recent holiday spending, I looked to my group buying vouchers to find some ways to have a good time on the cheap this weekend.

On my to-do list for the past three months was to make use of my Limelight Karaoke voucher, which I bought so myself and three friends could enjoy a couple hours of shameless private karaoke. So, that was Friday night. With liquid courage in tow, we made our way to Tremont Street and rocked some Elvis, No Doubt, Sir Mix-a-Lot (!) and Elton John like the best of ’em.

On Saturday, I made use of a competitor’s deal (don’t tell my bosses at CoupMe, please!) for a sweet mani/pedi and paraffin treatment, all for $22 plus tip! It was a great deal, and since I know ladies love getting their nails did, I will do my best to push our sales reps here at CoupMe to score us gals some more nail deals in the future. I also visited a sushi joint with a voucher (you’ve got til noon today to snag one from us in Cambridge at Hana Sushi btw) that made for a great meal, but it sure was a hassle printing it first! Note to self: make sure to print these things at work, or be prepared with ink in the printer at home. Woops!

Finally, on Sunday, my roommate and I dined at CoupMe-sanctioned local pub Bull McCabe’s. With a $12 for $30 voucher, we more than got our money’s worth! We enjoyed a beer and a delightfully medium rare burger each for little more than the cost of the voucher. There, I learned they offer trivia on Mondays and $4 burgers from Tuesday through Thursday! No voucher needed; I’ll be back!

In sum, I feel I truly utilized the power of group buying, cashing in 4 vouchers to have a pretty fun time on a budget. So, buy now– have fun later!

And do share any other great experiences you’ve had using your CoupMe vouchers at local businesses here.



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