All Things New England: A Peak Inside Bar Harbor Maine

All Things New England takes a New England getaway to remember to Bar Harbor Maine. Enjoy your virtual vacation CoupMe fans!

Located on the incredible Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor ended up being a slice of home for me hundreds of miles away from it.  In the same vein as Nantucket, Bar Harbor is a hugely popular tourist destination, especially during the peak months of April through October.  It is also the home to a large part of the picturesque Acadia National Park but that spot is worthy of its own article.

I stayed overnight in Bar Harbor as it is a good two hours’ drive up from Owl’s Head.  I stayed at the Edenbrook Motel on Eden Street.  It was a perfect area for a base camp as it was very close to the main drag of Bar Harbor: Cottage Street.  Although not quite the same, Cottage Street has a lot of the charm that Main Street on Nantucket has, minus the cobblestones, of course.  There are so many little shops and restaurants that are unique to Bar Harbor, I found myself parking in an off-street lot and taking the time to walk up and down Cottage Street and the surrounding area just to see these spots.

I won’t be able to name all of them but I could not help but stop and smile at places like Cool As A Moose with its moose in sunglasses logo and Debbah Gifts with its lobster logo and Bar Harbor spelled out ‘Baa-Haa-Baa.’  A walk along these streets, even in October, was a great experience even if they were tremendously crowded.  I found out why later in my trip…

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