Ski Season is Here!

Why, good morning! Glad to see everyone has survived the blizzard that was last week – 26 inches of snow, can you believe it? Well now that the streets are cleared off and you’re finally done shoveling, what is there to do with all that snow on the ground? Sure, you could have another snowball fight and make a few more snow angels, but that tends to get old rather quickly. Well, you’re in luck ’cause CoupMe’s got an activity for you that never grows old, and that my friends is skiing! Today’s awesome deal scores you major discounts on New England’s favorite winter activity and you can purchase tickets now. Interested? Read CoupMe’s insider tips so that you can make the best of your first ski trip of the season!

1. Be on the Look Out for Deals: Group Buying sites like CoupMe have phenomenal deals for ski trips this time of year. So before you pay the full price, make sure you surf the web for a good deal! Also, many resorts tend to run specials – sometimes even half off – on certain days, so do your research first.

2. Layer Up! It’s all about the layers this time of year. It’s no lie the weather is frigid lately- yes, sometimes in the low teens. Make sure you layer up, so that way if you get hot you can always take a few layers off. Always better to be too hot than too cold, after all!

3. Pack Snacks: Ski resorts tend to have extremely expensive eats, not to mention the food is never really that great either. Pack some snacks for you and the gang so you don’t have to leave with a hole in your wallet by the end of your trip. Homemade trail mixes, nuts, granola bars, cheese and crackers, PB & J sandwiches, and breakfast cereal are all great choices!

4. Take Breaks: Skiing and snowboarding takes a lot out of you, as it is quite the full body workout. So don’t try to overdo it! If you need a break, don’t be ashamed to take one (or three). Hot cocoa breaks at the top of the mountain is one of my favorite things to do during a long day of skiing.

5. Borrow before you buy: Before you spend loads of money on ski gear and rentals, check with friends and family to see if anyone can lend you some gear. Or, if you’ve always been a skier but you’re dying to try snowboarding, trade for a day with your best friend. You’ll both get to try a new sport without doling out the cash!

6. Have Fun! The most important lesson of all…have fun! It’s just you and the mountains; enjoy it!

~Rachel, CoupMe


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