Wacky Weather!

Not sure about the rest of you, but I was most definitely not expecting the snowy mess this morning to turn to rain! Maybe it’s not so inconceivable, but this somewhat odd weather pattern got me thinking about other interesting anomalies. So, for your reading pleasure, here are some more crazy things the weather has done throughout history.

1816-The Year with No Summer! If you think this cold season is bad, at least be thankful it will change. Evidently, a volcanic eruption in Indonesia on April 15, 1815 caused some bizarre shift that left Europe with no summer. French grapes froze (read: no wine was produced that year), Switzerland declared a state of emergency, and much of China’s vegetation was destroyed by rain and flooding.

1922-It’s Getting Hot in Herrrre! Libya experienced the highest temperature reading on record on September 13 of this year. The magic nunber? 136 degrees Fahrenheit! Maybe we should throw on another scarf and stop whining…

1956-It Rained and Poured…for one Minute! On July 4th, 1.23 inches of rain fell in Unionville, Maryland. It’s been raining since approximately 2 pm, and it’s now 6, so that would mean…hmm…that’s 295.2 inches(nearly 25 ft) of rain! That would make taking the dog out a challenge!

1986- Be glad it’s not Hailing! Bangladesh boasts the largest hailstone on record (who measures these things anyway?), weighing in at 1 kg.

Our advice here at CoupMe? Take a deep breath, have some tea, and just image the view from you office window looks a little something like this:

Can’t hurt, right?

Any other interesting weather facts we missed? Let me know!


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