Tips to Beat the Cold

Typically, on these cold winter days, I’m the only one to wear a scarf and gloves inside. I may have no tolerance for temperature changes, but I can assure you, I’m not the only one freezing her buns off this week– minus 2, anyone? Yum.

Here are some no-fail methods I’ve got for keeping warm.

Get Physical– whether you hit the gym, go for a run, or unroll the yoga mat, movement creates heat (duh). Make this week the one you put that gym membership to use. Or, if you don’t have one, consider Planet Fitness, where memberships cost as little as $10 a month. Or, hey, walk on the wild side and try Boston Pole Fitness— enjoy this 68% off deal courtesy of our friends across the cube at GoodTwo. If you want to try a yoga studio, but have no idea where to begin, I’m a personal fan of the Passport to Prana program. They’re in a bunch of major cities, not just Boston, and offer you one class at a ton of local studios for a mere $30! If you’re crazy like me and hit 15 studios, that’s $2 a class…and lots of OMing!

Drink warm stuff. My household is constantly drinking tea to stay toasting during these chilly months. If you’re looking for a caffeine boost, personal favorites of late have been Starbuck’s Tazo Chai–spicy and earthy– and Twining’s Lapsang Suchong– smoky, with a kick! For something more delicate, try a white tea, or something herbal. Our friends at Ezentea carry over 100 kinds of tea, so we’d recommend giving them a try. Coffee, cider, and hot chocolate are also acceptable hot beverages to bake.

Go shopping! Not only do some circles consider retail therapy a cardiovascular activity, but you may also find useful winter gear on sale. Need more excuses? Winter hats, scarves, and gloves were spotted at the Wrentham Outlets, boasting sales of up to 60% off.

Be a couch potato. Sometimes, it’s okay to sit around, and when you want to relax, why not pop in a movie or tv show, wrap yourself in a blanket, and enjoy doing nothing? Top picks to catch up on? Flicks The Town, Inception, and The Social Network. TV shows we’re digging lately? Catching up on our Dexter, Mad Men, and Weeds.
And, last but not least…

Go on vacation! If you can swing a little paid time off before spring break season, now’s the time to visit that Caribbean island you’ve always dreamed of! Popular sites Bostonians can refer to for unbeatable travel deals include TNT Vacations and Thomas Cook Travel (psst! that one’s another deal!). Stock up on sunscreen, and hit the playa while all your friends are shoveling. And, if a week away from it all isn’t quite in the cards, I’m personally a huge fan of enjoying a community or private tub soak in the 104 degree hot tubs at Cambridge’s Inman Oasis.

What else do you do to keep yourself warm and sane in the New England winter?


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