Sheila Schieck: Zen Muscular Therapy and Wellness Center

Ever wonder how a business came to be, or what inspired a business owner to open it? From our partners at All Things New England, check out this story about a woman on a journey and how a family tragedy led her from a master’s degree in education to the ownership of a full-service spa and wellness center.

Through heartache and devotion, Sheila Schieck is like a butterfly who has embraced changes and challenges in her life, transforming into something new and unexpected with colors that radiate strength, compassion and clarity.

A licensed and nationally certified muscular therapist, Sheila founded Zen Muscular Therapy and Wellness Center in 2001. Located off Route 128 in Woburn, Mass., Zen’s mission has been to help clients gain balance of body, mind and spirit through pain relief, stress reduction and education. The path that led Sheila here is a story unto its own.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in education, Sheila spent several years as an alternative education teacher and teaching English as a second language. She later sought out new challenges and growth in the insurance industry, but felt out of her element in the corporate world. It was in the midst of this transition that something terrible happened–something that would deeply affect her and change her life forever. Sheila’s younger sister suffered a severe asthma attack that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, leaving her in a persistent vegetative state (PVS).

Read the rest of this story at All Things New England.


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