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2/11/10 Deal: SAVE 1/2 OFF!! $10 for a $20 ticket to Honk or Little Mermaid @ Wheelock Family Theatre!

February 11, 2010

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200 Riverway, Boston, 02215


You want to have a great time this weekend, but also do something that everyone can enjoy for once! That rules out a lot of options, seeing as though you’ve got two kids to entertain at home, or a diverse group of friends who are hard to please! Come to a performance at Wheelock Family Theatre to do something different for a change, and watch your entire group of friends and family have a blast together.

This award-winning, professional Equity theatre is part of Wheelock College, and supports the college’s mission to better the lives of children and families through live performance. Wheelock Family Theatre is conveniently located on the Campus of Wheelock College at 200 Riverway, near Longwood Medical Area and Fenway Park.

With CoupMe’s Deal of the Day, you’ll pay just $10 for a $20 ticket for a showing of Honk (a rollicking comical musical about a group of ducklings suggested for ages 6 & Up) or Little Mermaid (the classic Disney movie with a fun twist)! Come enjoy a truly entertaining performance, while supporting the community, performing arts and family all in one!


“Wow, what a great venue for local performances and smaller theatre shows. With family in the name, you know you’re going to get a quality, cutting edge show, with family values, that you won’t be embarrassed sitting next to your kids at. the staff here are also very friendly. I’m in the middle of working on a show that is being staged here and am so impressed by the customer service details that they provide to us, especially after working with so many, not-as-friendly places. I can’t wait to see the new shows coming up here and continuing this new relationship with this theatre.”

~Dustin Todd R., Yelp


Only $25 (half price) for a 30-minute Psychic Reading at the Tremont Tearoom!

February 4, 2010

Get your Psychic Fix here

Are you the kind of person who’s always tempted to stop when you walk by one of those fortune-telling, tarot card booths? “Ooh, Ahh, this could be cool” you think to yourself, only to find your nerves set in before you walk on by yet again.

Well maybe it’s time for you to let go of your fears and see what it’s all about once and for all at the Tremont Tearoom!

For more than 70 years, the business has been thriving in Boston, offering tarot readings, reiki, psychic readings, spiritual healing and plenty of other services.

With a quiet location and friendly staff, this is the perfect atmosphere for first timers and psychic-reading-regulars alike Let go of your inhibitions and open yourself up to an insightful 30 minute reading at the phenomenal discounted price of $25!  I sense there’s a good deal for you in the near future. . .


“A psychic shop isn’t or everyone, but this place is pretty impressive. They have a small but talented staff and this place is always a “Best of Boston.”  I was dragged here once and have been back twice since – I’m always impressed. Go with an open mind and some specific questions. This place is definitely the real deal.”-Sarah R., Yelp

“People…do you NOT know about this place??????? It’s been open for like 20+ years and the owners (One being Alex) are featured constantly in articles. If you’re into psychics, tarot cards or any such—please make a trip here and see Alex or get a phone consult. Everyone else is good I hear but I only go to him. I sh*t you not he was referred to me and did a phone session when I was out of town and he mentioned my ex (which I hate to admit was why I was calling) BY NAME!  No clues, no chit chat to get info out of me. I almost dropped and he laughed and said-damn I’m good.  Then told me what an a**shole he was and a useless piece of sh*t and to stay away-so I did.  thank god.  He rocks.  
He has hit time wise for jobs, moves, friends, family–I can’t tell you. He basically will tell ya the truth not what you want to hear.” –Terri P., Yelp

$10 for $20 of Fresh, Healthy and Irresistibly Tasty Pizza and Other Italian Specialties at Mangia!

February 3, 2010

Get your CoupMe to Mangia NOW!

Your craving pizza yet again. That gooey, cheesy, mouthwatering deliciousness of the perfect bread, cheese and sauce combo is simply hard to resist.

However, one thing is holding you back from giving into your craving; that is the fact that pizza isn’t necessarily the best choice for your waistline. After all, do you really want to put all those gym sessions to waste?

Well, good news for you fellow pizza lovers! You can now indulge in your favorite food, while maintaining a healthy diet at the same time.

At Boston’s family-owned Mangia Neapolitan Pizza, they strive to create healthy pizza while still preserving the great taste and texture you love!  Using whole-wheat dough, fresh toppings, and homemade vine ripened tomato sauce, Mangia truly serves up a one of a kind pie!

Not a pizza fan? No problem. Mangia serves a variety of sandwiches, salads and other Italian specialties as well!

Come to Mangia today, and with CoupMe’s Deal of the Day pay only $10 for $20 worth of your favorite food! Mangia! Eat up!


“Plain and simple…the Margarita pizza at Mangia is my favorite pizza of all time.  If I had 2 hours to live, and had to eat one last slice of pizza, this would be it.” ~Doug T., Yelp

“Friendly staff, always prompt delivery, but, most importantly, very good pizza.
Nice thin crust, and plenty of options when it comes to toppings.  A small is large enough for two, or small enough for one-if gluttony is your thing (and, yes, I have eaten several by myself).
The best option for pizza in it’s area.” ~Daniel S., Yelp

Pay $25 for Exceptional Treatment, and Leave with a Beautiful New Haircut, Blow-dry and Style at Henia’s Hair & Day Spa!

February 2, 2010

Lately, you just haven’t been feeling very good about yourself. Your life is feeling sort of “blah,” lacking that vivacity it used to have. Well put that oomph back into your life again by making a trip to Henia’s Hair & Day Spa.

Located in their brand new waterfront location in the North End, Henia’s in easily accessible, just down the street from South Station.

The staff at Henia’s provides excellent costumer service, helping people who need a little uplift to feel good about themselves again by the time they walk out the door!

With CoupMe’s Deal of the Day, you’ll pay just $25 for a brand new haircut blow-dry and style! You’ll walk out the door with that extra pizzazz you’ve been longing for, feeling like a brand new person!


“Moving recently to the Boston area I have been looking for a new salon to get my hair highlighted. Finally, have found it. Hair and Day Spa @ Henia’s is truly one stop shopping. I can get my hair cut, manicure, pedicure and a deep tissue massage all at the same place. Any girls dream! The salon and spa is beautiful inside and clean.”

~Martha U., Citysquares

“Warm and inviting salon Best highlights and hair coloring in Boston by far, and very fairly priced. I’ve been going to Henia for 5 years now and even though I live in New York City with endless salon opportunities, I come back to Henia in Boston every time I need to get my hair done.”

~ellyphant5, Citysearch

How Does CoupMe Work?

January 27, 2010

CoupMe’s mission is to help you find awesome things to do around your city without emptying out your wallet. Leave it to us to find exciting things to do and see at discounts of up to 90% off the original price.

Want to grab some sushi with friends? Relax with a top-quality professional massage? Learn how to dance the salsa or rock out on an electric guitar? CoupMe’s got you covered. So how does this work? It’s simple!

  1. Each day, we will feature an exclusive deal on our homepage at an amazing, discounted price.
  2. Click “Add To Cart” button to join in on the deal.
  3. As long as we reach the minimum amount of CoupMe buyers, everyone gets the discount and your credit card will be charged. Within 24 hours, CoupMe will e-mail you a printable coupon to bring to the business.
  4. Go out, have fun, and check back the next day for another incredible CoupMe!

Still have questions? No problem, you can contact us!